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Friday, February 3, 2012

HGTV House Hunters

I won another House Party! I have written about House Party before, but for those of you who haven't ready my past posts, it is a Web site where you fill out applications to host a party at your house featuring a product. If anyone has not been to the House Party Web site, yet, check it out now! So far, I have won 7 house parties, and each time I got to sample and share fun products!

This time, I won the HGTV House Hunters House Party. Along with a 1 year subscription to HGTV Magazine, my party pack included:

  • 1 Bingo DVD
  • 1 Corkscrew
  • 15 sets of wine charms
  • 15 house hunters bingo cards
  • 15 dry erase markers
  • 15 coasters
  • 25 napkins


  1. Wooo! Awesome! How was the party? That looked like a fun one.

  2. Alicia, it hasn't happened yet. I was just posting what I got.