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Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY Headbands!

The suburban crafters are at it again. This month our project was DIY headbands. I won't tell you how I made them, because their are some great tutorials here:

Nautical Knot


DIY Name Hanger (for the new bride...)

I have always seen clothing hangers on Etsy that would make the perfect gift for a bride. They are customized with the future name of the bride such as "Mrs. Smith" and would make for some gorgeous photos with a wedding dress hanging off of them.

A friend of mine is getting married next weekend, and I really wanted to purchase one of these hangers for her bachelorette party. After looking at the price of them (you already know how cheap I am), I decided that I could easily make this myself!

Here are the supplies I used:

  • A nice wooden hanger stolen from my husbands side of the closet. (I'm sure he loves that one of his work shirts is now on a "crappy" white plastic hanger!)
  • Pretty ribbon, which I already had from wrapping Christmas Presents. (I suggest a neutral such as the white and brown I used, or ribbon using the brides wedding colors.)
  • Craft wire. (I had some leftover from a previous Pinterst project which I got in the floral section at Michaels, but I also found this example on Amazon.)
  • Screw driver and screws
  • Glue
I sculpted the wire into the new last name of the bride. This took some trial and error, but I finally got it to look how I wanted. Remember to keep measuring the name so that it fits between the arms of the hanger. Then, I took a screwdriver and used the screws to make small holes on the inside arms of the hanger. I put a dab of glue inside the holes, and then inserted the ends of the wire into the holes. Finally, make a nice bow and secure around the top of the hanger with some glue! Done!

BzzAgent Playtex Secrets Bra

Once again BzzAgent delivered. This time I got a Bra! I know- a free bra in the mail- it's awesome! The Bzz campaign I was selected for was the Playtex Be Uniquely You campaign for their new Playtex Secrets Bra.

I got the bra in nude so I could wear it under any item of clothing without it showing through. The fit is fantastic. The bra is available at Kohls.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Month 2 (2013) Gyros

For February, Greg wanted to make Gyros! I know, I know, I have been to Greece and I didn't try them there, instead I tried this frozen box from Dominicks. Oh well, I was pregnant and not feeling 100% when I was in Greece and wasn't in the mood to try new things!

These actually tasted really good. We had them three times in a row since their were so many left overs, and I really really enjoyed them. I would totally eat Gyros again!

BzzAgent Neutrogena Cosmetics

Thanks once again to BzzAgent for introducing me to some very cool products!

Neutrogena® is known for making radiant skin a reality with their skin care products, so we should have known they’d do the same with their makeup. Forget diamonds — Neutrogena® Cosmetics are the only best friend a girl needs, enhancing your natural beauty while helping to improve your skin’s healthy look.

In this Bzz kit- I received:
Neutrogena® MoistureSmooth Color Sticks for sheer, shiny color that conditions lips
Neutrogena® Healthy Lengths Mascara for 100% longer looking lashes
Neutrogena® Crease Proof Eye Shadows for 12-hour wear that instantly revives and brightens eyes

I have used all of these products, and I really enjoy them all. If it was up to me, I would use a different shade of lipstick, the sweet watermelon I received is a little bit light pink for my taste. The two eyeshadow shades I received I LOVED!

I would recommend these products and will continue to use them.