This blog is a hodgepodge of things I want to share, from the good deals I find to my newfound cake decorating hobby and everything in between. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gender Reveal Cupcakes!

My co-worker and I thought it would be fun to announce the sex of her baby to our office by having a gender reveal party. Super trendy, I know. She told me what it was the night before, and as hard as it was I kept it a secret until the party. I went home that night and got to work on some gender reveal cupcakes!

First, I made white cake cupcakes in both blue and pink wrappers. I made a small hole in the cupcakes (you don't have to do this, but I wanted to make sure to have room for a lot of filling).

I filled the cupcakes with PINK! butter cream, and then topped them off with yellow (neutral) butter cream.

I decided these cupcakes would be much cuter with a little decoration, so I rolled out some green fondant, cut a circle with a cookie cutter, and stamped it with a Wilton Letter Press question mark.

The party was a lot of fun, coworkers gathered around and all broke into their cupcakes at once to reveal the gender!



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Knit Baby Blanket

Since teaching myself to knit almost two years ago, I have made one scarf, one cable knit blanket (not quite done, will post when finished!) and one baby blanket. The baby blanket was created for my good friend who is due at the end of May. She opted not to find out the gender, so I went with white and yellow for the blanket.

The pattern I used, I found online. The pattern only showed one strand of yarn, although I decided to knit two stands together. The pattern also said to use size 6 circular needles. I cannot remember what I actually purchased, either size 6 or 8. They don't say the size on them either!

Here is the pattern:
Cast on 5 sts.
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: K3, yo, K2- 6 sts.
Row 3: K3, yo, K3- 7sts
Row 4: K3, yo, K to end of row.
Repeat row 4 until you have the blanket size you want.
Next (decrease) row: K2, yo, K2tog, K to end of row.
Rep last row until 5 sts. remain. Bind off.
Weave in ends.

This is what it got me:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Silk Marvelous Mornings

I won another House Party! I seriously love that Web site! This time, I won the Silk marvelous mornings  party,. Silk is promoting their new Silk Fruit & Protein drink. Here is what I received in my party pack:

  • 4 coupons for a fee quart or half gallon of any Silk
  • 1 juice glass
  • 1 tumbler
  • 1 $5 Visa gift card
  • 43 coupons for $1 off any quart or larger Silk Fruit & Protein
  • 42 Silk tasting cups
  • 14 crazy straws
  • 14 Silk bowls, plates and napkins
  • 14 Silk magnets
  • 14 coupons for $15 off a Ninja kitchen appliance
I haven't used the free coupons yet, but I plan on tasting the new drink this week! Thanks House Party!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chalkboard Paint

The suburban crafters met in March for our third Pinterest party. This month, we decided to try our hand at chalkboard paint! We all brought in different items to paint, and I have to say everyone's projects turned out really well. I won't put instructions on how to do this. It is simple: buy chalkboard paint and brushes, and paint a few coats on whatever you want!

I decided to paint the following items:

Photo Frame: Painted glass to
use as a message board.

Cardboard Gift Tags

Containers for sugar, flour etc.

I think the projects all turned out well. After 1 day (I couldn't' wait the recommended 3), I tried out the chalk:

Here are some of the items the other girls decided to paint:

Napkin Rings


Wine Glasses

And as always, our group photo:

 Next month the party is at my house! Stay tuned for which project we choose next time!