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Monday, January 14, 2013

Month 1 (2013) Pulled Pork

In te beginning of 2011, I made a new year's resolution to try a new food each month. Since then, I have become much less of a picky eater, however there are still many new foods I need to try. And, although I promised to try new foods in 2012 according to my blog post last year, I ended up getting pregnant in early 2012 and decided not to do it. If you have ever been pregnant, you know that you don't want someone else picking what you eat!

So, now I am ready to try it again!

For month one, my husband chose pulled pork. I don't really like BBQ sauce, so I was worried about that, but my mom said she had a crock pot recipe that didn't taste too much like BBQ. We made some minor adjustments (smaller roast and added garlic) but here it is:

So I tried one sandwich, and I actually kinda liked it. Then, I had another one the next day and a half of one the day after (we had a lot of leftovers!)

I would eat this again every once in awhile!

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