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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Month 9 (2011) - Chicken Biryani

I know I am a little late with this post. I didn't actually try my September food until the beginning of October. What can I say, we have been busy!

I already knew that I liked some Indian food. Whenever we order Indian takeout, my husband gets chicken biryani and I get chicken tikka masala. I never wanted to try his because it looked gross.

We decided to make the biryani at home, so we went to our wonderful Schaumburg Whole Foods and bought some biryani sauce and basmati rice in the Indian section. It was easy to cook, smelled really good and tasted even better. 

Success for this month, which is good because we have a lot of rice and sauce left over! I promise to try to eat my October food in October!

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